With the recent tragedies happening in Spain, Spanish cities a booster their security in public areas. Barcelona faced an attack of terrorism that killed many during the incident. This has sparked many cities in Spain to start boosting their public security. A proper reaction to begin to secure areas where any type of attack can happen.


What Happened?

At the end of 2016, there was an attack in Berlin where a truck drove into a crowd of people at a holiday market. The authorities strongly recommended that cities begin boosting public security. As of recently, the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils have sparked more pressure to increase security measure in public spaces. The attacks killed 14 individuals and injured over 100 in Barcelona and Cambrils.



These cities are installing billboards, concrete blocks, and they have also been placing large concrete planters between the road and sidewalks of the cities. Civic leaders in Barcelona are also now increasing the number of police officers in these cities and public areas. Surveillance at major events and gatherings is another effort that will be implemented. This surveillance will include a security perimeter and requiring individuals being admitted to events to properly identify themselves.

Madrid is also beginning to follow Barcelona’s measures by creating concrete barriers between the street and sidewalks. The city is working extensively with police to improve their public security. These measures were implemented the day after the incidents in Catalonia.

Bilbao’s mayor has also spoken out about ways he is editing the city’s security due to the recent terror attacks. These changes in security measures are quite important due to that these cities are home to thousands of citizens. Bilbao alone has a population of around a half of a million people residing in the city. Not only must it protect its citizens but also protect the tourists that add to the high traffic areas in Spanish cities.

Even during Bilbao’s “fiestas” which is an annual celebration that brings in thousands of tourists across the globe. It is moments like these where cities can be susceptible to major terror attacks. These cities foresee no direct threats to them but it is their preventative measures that will protect the lives of those who are not expecting attacks to happen. Not only do these security improvements create stronger protection, it allows those enjoying a city’s experience without having to be scared or worried about another attack.