Facial Recognition and other security-driven convenience features in phones are becoming popular among various mobile phone creators. This technology is used in high-security areas but is now being put in the hands of consumers. Biometric technology is serving those in the security industry as well as the consumer tech industry.



Omron is a Japanese company that is working to release biometric sensor software that has been quite commercially successful. This technology uses a mobile phone’s front-facing, internal camera to scan and recognize the user’s face. Not only does this improve the security of information on cellphones but it also improves the accessibility of the user’s phone. A senior manager of the company stated, “Mobile devices are carrying ever more personal information including address books, schedules, and payment information, as a result, the sensor (software) has been designed to protect this information even when the mobile phone is lost or stolen.”

The technology also has it’s critiquing from users as well. Phones are allowing access to some who are not the users. Omron released a statement saying that its software is correct 99 percent of the time.



Samsung also has released facial recognition in their Galaxy S8 phone. Their technology also went for convenience and security with the front facing camera having the ability to recognize the user’s face without pushing any buttons when picking up the phone. No need to push a button or wake it up, it simply unlocks the phone by scanning your face without the user even knowing.

The security aspect of this feature could potentially catch thieves or criminals attempting to take a user’s phone.

Facial recognition is picking up where fingerprint scanning left off. The difference between these features is that it is a bit more complicated to replicate a fingerprint than a photo of a face. This puts fingerprint security a bit more secure than facial recognition. It can be as simple as holding up an image of the user’s face to the camera to be able to access their phone’s information.

The decision to utilize this feature on the Galaxy S8 is up to the discretion of the user. You can use the traditional passcode. Facial recognition is not the only way to secure your phone. The more security features you use the better. Do not make it easy for anybody to access your phone.